Topi Hill


• passive solar design
• rammed earth
• locally milled Australian hardwoods
• watertanks for stand alone water supply
• solar hotwater
• low EMR
• low toxicity finishes and materials
• stand alone solar power
• organic herb & veg garden 

We are proud to acknowledge the people of the Worimi Nation, the traditional custodians of the land which this house stands. 

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This home is set on a large acreage, with a north aspect, on the Midnorth Coast of NSW. The house is a modern, functional and energy efficient family home, totally disconnected from the grid that engages the occupants with the natural beauty of the site. The use of hardwoods, rammed earth and plywood create a natural, relaxed atmosphere in the home.

Local timbers were milled for use in beams, claddings and joinery, with a mix of Bluegum, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum.

The burnished concrete floor and 400mm thick rammed earth walls offer excellent thermal mass, providing year round comfort with no fans or air con in summer and only a wood fired heater for the winter evenings on wet days. The combination of the earth and timber creates serene and comfortable spaces. These materials also become more beautiful as they age.

Bio paints and oils have been used throughout and the placement of electrical wiring and points has been considered to avoid any chance of electromagnetic radiation in bedrooms. 

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