Charlotte Shack


• passive solar design
• upcycled materials
• locally milled Australian hardwoods
• watertanks for stand alone water supply
• low EMR
• low toxicity finishes and materials
• stand alone solar power
• organic herb & veg garden

• Commendation for Residential Architecture – Affordable Housing
    Australian Institute of Architects NSW Country Division 2019

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The primary aim of this project is to demonstrate how a functional, energy efficient home utilising interesting materials can be achieved within a modest footprint and for a cost that makes it more attainable to a greater proportion of the population.

The home is set on an acreage, with a north aspect, on the Midnorth Coast of NSW. The house is a modern, functional and energy efficient small home, totally disconnected from the grid that engages the occupants with the natural beauty of the site. The use of hardwoods, upcycled materials and plywood create a natural, relaxed atmosphere in the home.

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